DSCF8033_jnl-3I started making clothes later than most other designers. I never had a chance to pursue what I wanted to do when I was young even though I have loved beautiful clothes, especially styling, from early stage of my life.

Although there are so many wonderful fashion designers out there, I have always loved Madeleine Vionnet. Her cutting and use of fabrics, her decorations and stitching techniques, each had an individuality, I admired her mysterious discovery. Discovering Madeleine Vionnet was the starting point for my creating clothes using the technique of draping.

I have participated in a few courses and workshops to learn different types of techniques to construct and reconstruct garments but I usually come back to the method of draping. I am attracted and use asymmetrical designs and sometimes use raw edges.

I am an Australian but I was born and grew up in Japan and that is why I have a spirit of Japanese essence, wabi-sabi, in the core. Wabi-sabi refers to a mindful approach to every day life. The aesthetic defined as the beauty of things “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”.

For me, joyous moments are using beautiful fabrics to create and sculpt a form and in that process I forget about my concerns and worries in every day life. My creations have been born in that stillness.