Japanese Style Quilt

My husband and I are now planning to build our new house where we are going to move. I would like to create a little Japanese feature in the new house or the backyard. It would be in my studio if it was in the house. Or, we might put some small bamboo trees and a Japanese lantern if it was outside. But I have no sense of designing interior nor exterior and I am still not sure how I will do it.

The other day, I came to want to make a Japanese quilt-like blanket for the bed. That could be a good practice making a Japanese feature in our current house. So I went to a fabric shop in Unley, South Australia which sells Japanese textured fabrics and purchased a dark red-based cotton fabric.


I could have placed the rectangle fabric on top of the base fabric to make a simple blanket but I thought that was not interesting. So I designed a shape and started to draw a continuous line on calico.

I cut out the calico and placed it on the main fabric. The calico became the pattern.

I decided where the red designed fabric sat on top of the black linen and started to sew. I purchased quilted cotton fabric separately and that became the other side of the blanket. The size of it was approximately 200cm by 200cm and I struggled to sew the whole thing because my sewing space was not big enough.

In the end, I was happy with the outcome.

I love the it-does-not-look-like-a-fake-BONSAI on the right. On the left side, I did a quick IKEBANA, which means Japanese flower arrangement, with lavenders.

It was a good practice to apply the design on a big sheet of fabric. The practicality? The blanket is not thick but it is warm because of the weight. I think the more I use the quilted blanket, the better I will like it.

All the best,

2 comments on “Japanese Style Quilt

  1. Hi Chiggy. The quilt design is certainly different and I like that because I’m not so fond of really traditional quilting. Love the lavender ikebana! X


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