Re-making Project


Re-making from something old to something different sounds like fun.  I made a shrug a couple of years ago (see the photo below), but I was never happy with the result. I used square and rectangle fabrics to construct it. Of course there are some exceptions but a garment made with right-angled fabrics usually does not look nice on people because human bodies are curved. I rarely remake garments but I decided to attempt this project because I wanted to keep the Japanese Chirimen fabric (on the shoulders).



I started to unpick the threads. This is the hard and uninteresting part. I would unpick only if I love the things that I had sewn years before, or I would deconstruct it to see how I made the patterns.



In the end, I transformed the shrug into a tunic (see the photo below). It is made with 100% black linen with Japanese Chirimen as a feature. I have not worn it yet but I will enjoy wearing my new creation. The good news is I can wear this all year around.


What are you working at the moment?

All the best,


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