Powerful Question About Life 3


Time is the most precious commodity in life. It cannot be bought or made. It is only given. That makes us realise that we have to use time effectively because nobody knows when our time is going to end. That being said, we do not have to go and save the world. We can start what we can do on a small scale in daily life. Here are some examples of what we can do.


Reading Great Books To Study And Learn 

When I was young, I was not much of a reader. My parents never encouraged me to read, they did not tell me what was the benefit of reading nor did I have a curiosity what books would have given me.

When I was twenty-seven, a friend loaned me a book to read when I was in hospital. I cannot remember what the book was but it was intriguing so I devoured it. That was the starting point of my reading journey.

For me, benefits of reading are; creative stimulation, acquiring knowledge, learning history, expansion of my vocabulary range, making me a better writer, improvement of focus and concentration, stress reduction and so forth.


Going To Art Galleries And Exhibitions For Inspiration

Looking at art in books is wonderful, yet visiting art galleries and exhibitions is the best way to experience fine art. My experience is that when I see some original art, I get goosebumps. This never happens when I look at books.


Do The Things That You Love To Do Whether The Results Are Successful Or Not 

Whatever your special interests might be, “actual doing” brings joy. Some people are afraid to try because they think they might not be able to complete the project or do not have the ability to finish it well. Nonetheless, we all have to start at some point whether or not we are happy with the result at first.

You do not have to create excellent results from the very beginning. You can simply express yourself and enjoy the creativity. The more you practice your art, the better the result you get. The truth of the matter is practice makes the master.


Be Healthy And Laugh 

A healthy lifestyle is the number one priority in life. Eating well and looking after the body is the key to longevity. So we have to choose what to eat wisely and give ourselves a certain amount of activity to lower risk of injuries and diseases.


Give Yourself A Time Off 

Once in a while, it might be the best use of our time to simply take a break. If you are feeling blue and do not have the energy to go about the day, time off might be the smartest use of your time to allow yourself to heal and rejuvenate. It is okay to give yourself time to embrace your aches and pains for a while. You will let them go when you are ready to go to your next chapter.


Now, it is your turn to ponder about what is your best use of your time. What makes you happy?

















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