A Surprising Contact from an Old Friend

In between the year of 1999 and 2000, I was in my late twenties and I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. One day, I was walking in the city of Kumamoto, Japan, which is my home town and saw a sign of  “Studying Abroad in London”. It got my attention so I went into the office to see what was involved. In that office, I was introduced to courses to go to the UK to study English for a reasonable fee while working.

A great majority of Japanese people would like to improve English because Japanese schools taught  mainly using textbook English with grammatical focuses and their main purpose was conquering tests. That is why mastering spoken English has always been so problematic for Japanese people. And yet, a great number of Japanese people would like to improve their spoken abilities. Because if their overall English level is great, it certainly serves to get a higher salary, take advantage of having a better career, or simply making foreign friends.

I met two girls through the study abroad agency and they also wanted to study English in the UK. All the preparation time passed and I left Japan a bit earlier than them but they arrived soon after that. We had a great time together in the UK even though we were in different classes. In the end, I got close to one of them, Terumi.

Then, our year-long study abroad finished. Unfortunately, we drifted apart because I did not make an effort to keep in touch with her.

Years later, I received a postcard which was forwarded to my mum’s care home facility because I already moved to Australia. Mum is old and becoming forgettable year by year that is why she did not tell me that she had a postcard for me. I discovered it 6 years later when I was tidying up her possessions.

I felt bad about not knowing Terumi’s effort to reach me even though I did not know that I received it so I immediately contacted her to apologise. She was surprised to hear from me. She understood the situation and there was no problem.

Some more years passed. One day, my computer went wrong and I lost all the emails I had received. The message from the friend years earlier was in my mailbox and I did not jot her address down in any other places in case of occurring problems of a computer. I was so shocked that I could not recover my old emails and I thought I would never be able to contact her nor some of my other friends.

Recently, my friend Terumi found me on Facebook and left a message. It was so wonderful to hear from her. In the meantime she had married a British man and lives in the UK with their beautiful children👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I am not into Facebooking much but for this reason, I am so happy to have a Facebook account.

May my friend Terumi be happy💕


Best wishes,




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