A First Review on My Japanese Vintage Obi Product


What I learned with my previous online business was that selling products through the Internet was not easy. Sometimes, what to do with the products that I could not sell still gives me a headache because they have filled up my storage. The fact that I have so many items left at home does not encourage me to make more items.

From time to time, I sell my products on Etsy which is an online marketplace to showcase handmade products. I had not used Etsy for a while but some months ago,  I started to sell my items again. I decided to sell them for reduced prices in order to clear the products.

I received so much traffic but it did not lead to sales for months. But I am pleased to announce that I sold an item on Etsy the other day.

The purchaser from Western Australia who bought this mini bag left a positive review on the Etsy website. I was so pleased and felt so much gratitude for her generous comment. I hope the bag will serve her well. The review said;

“Utterly excellent quality. Extremely well made, beautifully finished. The seller is an artist – every detail is superb. Parcel arrived very quickly and the goods were well (beautifully) wrapped and more than adequately protected. I loved it so much that I immediately purchased two more items. An absolute bargain (especially at current prices!).”

As the buyer described above, she came back and ordered another two items. Honestly, I was over the moon.

Sometimes, my doubtful mind tells me “People say nice things because they are trying to make me feel good”. But when I received a positive review from an outsider, I allowed myself in a humble way to accept the fact that I have been making quality products. That encouraged me enough.


On the very same day, another person from Sydney purchased two items below. The vintage Japanese obi clutch bag and the Japanese chirimen cosmetic pouch.

Surprisingly, the purple cosmetic pouch is the best seller from my range. This was the fourth time that I sold it. Somehow, people like this purple pouch.





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