My First Pattern Making Project On My Own

It is daunting when I think about pattern making. Although I had some lessons for a few years and made many samples, I was not and am still not that confident in my ability.

The reason was that I always had my teacher around when I made patterns. I always had access to her when I needed help. Now that I am doing on my own, it is a good idea to try making patterns on something I like as a way of practice and examine my capability.


I had a green jacket that I liked and I decided to copy the design as a practice. Usually, I am not fond of mimicking designs because there is no originality. But the more I looked at the jacket the more interested I became. My dilemma was this; it looked so difficult. I was not sure whether I could figure everything out because there were layered lapels with different height, lots of zips and studs as features. However, I still wanted the challenge regardless of the hurdle.


I started with my personal basic front and back patterns. I had to guess the height, length and angle of the lapel and making standing collar was still unclear to me so I decided to make its pattern by draping. Many hours later, I completed the front and back patterns.


I have not practised enough to make two-sleeve construction myself so I decided to borrow a pattern from one of my pattern making books.



Seam allowances were added and cut on each pattern. I had two meters of “not-so-expensive” soft denim fabric at home so I decided to use it instead of purchasing another piece of calico. I wanted to make the jacket properly so I used different kinds of interfacing to support the material well.



Back view, the sleeves are pulled back more than they were supposed to be. I should not have, but I emailed my teacher for help and asked whether I could have a lesson to solve this problem with her. Unfortunately, it did not work out so I decided to keep figuring it out myself.



I added a bit of fabric and another piece of fabric to see whether I could get what I wanted for the back. In the end, the jacket improved a bit but it was not still acceptable to my standard. I thought of unpicking and start from the beginning but I put so much detailed work in between the procedures and I knew that it would take an awful lot of time undoing the jacket.

The thought of unpicking had given me dread so I left it for a few days. Finally, I decided to keep on sewing and finish the jacket since I knew that I could still wear it and for the sake of not wasting the fabric.



This was the first time I tried to use ornamental studs. They vary but the studs that matched with the jacket were quite easy to attach. I had never used pliers before and I was concerned whether I could place the studs properly without damaging the fabric.



This was my first attempt at making a jacket pattern on my own. Thinking back, I could have tried a simpler jacket or even tops to start with. But I have learned a bit more along the way and still have a lot more to learn. In a way, it was a blessing in disguise that I could not have a lesson with my teacher because I would have relied on her to solve the problem. I have to say that my pattern making teacher is one of the most helpful and generous people I have ever met.

When I face difficulty, it gives me a bit more confidence each time whatever I do whether it is a creative endeavour or life itself.

Thank you for your time,


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