A Day of Harvesting Olives

Olive season went past and it seemed late but we decided to harvest some olives because we had so many this year. Some of our friends came over to help us pick some olives because they wanted to have the experience.


Jeff is using an electric flapper for getting olives.


Rosalie was preciously holding some dark olives in her hands. I love her beautiful smile!


I was hand-picking some olives.


Because we were five of us, we filled olives up with our containers within a day. Two weeks after that, we went to a pressing premise to ask cold-pressing the olives. Then we went to a packaging place to finish and box the oil off.

We could not get many olive oil boxes this year as much as we hoped but we all enjoyed the sunshine, chat and the activity itself. I hope our friends enjoyed it, too. By the way, the taste of our Skilly Hills oil is yummy!


All the best,



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