8th Wedding Anniversary

 After being together for almost three years, Jeff and I decided to get married in September 2009 and we celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary the other day. Fortunately, we have been having a good husband-wife relationship for those years and I have posted this blog because I want to express my gratitude, showing how content I feel with my husband.


We did not do anything big nor we had to. Rather, we drove to our favourite cafe and had a celebratory lunch.


I tend to accumulate some little presents wrapped up with paper for special days such as birthdays and Christmas and open the presents on those days. On this anniversary, I received Dr Martins summer boots, two books, a course for my personal improvement, two crystals and a jacket.


The green jacket I purchased through online was not dark enough for my liking. That is the drawback when buying a product on the Internet. However, I like the design of the jacket and the material is cotton so it is easy to handle and it is good for travelling so I decided to keep it.


Above photo shows some presents for Jeff. Four black and white photo books and a vintage camera.


Most importantly, growing old together with my husband is a dream of my life. We have had our good times as well as difficult ones. But we always overcome obstacles and keep sharing our gratitude and love together.


Much love,



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