SALA Exhibition 2017

The South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival is a state-wide Festival of Visual Art. The SALA Festival was established in 1998 to promote and celebrate the many talented visual artists in South Australia. It allows all artists at any level and working in any medium annual SALA Festival every  August.


My husband Jeff Schiller and I participated in it in 2015 at Auburn Institute along with other local artists but this time Jeff wanted to try exhibiting his photographic art at a small chapel on our property. The photo above is a self-portrait by Jeff and the photo below is our Skilly Chapel.




We had several groups at the opening even though the weather was miserable. Above photo shows Sabrina from Clare, SA on the right and John Smith in the middle who is teaching English as well as life passionately in China. John was visiting Clare during his summer holiday.


Nick Bell on the right who contributed his time to build the grey wall for Jeff. Judy Searley on the left was helping to promote Jeff’s event. We were so grateful for their help.


The photo above was taken by Judy Searley.


David was taking Jeff’s photos to show his photographer friends.


On the second week, Jeff sold two prints and on the third, he sold another one. Jeff was very happy because he was not expected. Obviously, I was very happy for him. Again, there were several people went through and we were pleased to meet new people.

The photo above shows my Japanese friend Miho with her two beautiful girls and a Japanese high school student who was staying to study English with Miho’s family while his summer holiday.


One of Jeff’s cousins Rosalie and her husband Leon.


On week three, many groups went through than we expected. We were really glad to welcome our friends as well as visitors.

I was not planning to show my handmade products but I found some space to fit them in so I decided to exhibit my pieces. I was grateful that some people showed interest and purchased some of the Vintage Japanese Obi products.


Jeff Schiller and me!

Please come and visit Skilly Function Centre if you are around in Clare Valley. The exhibit is still on until the fourth weekend in August 2017. See the link for the map.


Once again, thank you for our friends who gave us a BIG help and also we appreciated friends and visitors who came and visited our Skilly Chapel.

May God bless us all,


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