Sustainable/Eco Fashion (Hats)

In the previous post, I mentioned sustainability about using scrap cloth. For a long time, I had the idea of utilising scraps to create something interesting but I never tried it.

I really love loose hats. Finding suitable hats on my head with the right colour and the design I like is difficult in most cases. That is the reason I would like to make hats for myself when I have some extra scrap fabric. I used to make things with black all the time but I sometimes need a change. This time, I decided to use other colours to proceed with an eco/sustainable hat project.


Below is the first trial. The material is khaki green, middle thickness cotton jersey. I made a little-ruffled ribbon as an adornment on the side of the hat. I like the combination of the cotton and satin of the ribbon.


For this next hat, I found an old blue dress I no longer wear so I decided to use it for a loose headband. Again I made a little corsage as a feature for the headband. The blue looks so bright against black and I like the contrast.


In this next one, the black and white fabric came from another dress. The fabric is stretchy crepe and it is good quality, so I decided to recycle it for this project. I had a beaded black ornament I wanted to use for a long time and this project suited it.


The last one. The fabric is simple red jersey and the surface has become fluffy because of a lot of use. I had the red ornament in my cupboard and I thought this would suit with the red jersey so I mixed them together.

If you have some scraps, I recommend that you try and make something unique and special for yourself.

Be individual.



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