Sustainable Fashion Experiment

In the world today, we are wasting enormous amount of things; food, water, electricity, packaging etc. And for fashion industries, we have to admit that we are wasting vast amount of fabrics. One of the reasons is because the human body is curved and there are no straight lines. So in most cases, patterns are also curved. When you place patterns with curved lines on a rectangular fabric, waste will occur inevitably. For me, I would like to avoid having so much waste. But usually I cannot create designs without waste. When that happens, I tend to keep some scraps for later use.

On this blog, I want to use some scraps that I have accumulated as a feature on a garment. I decided to use some scraps of faux fur to make a new garment. First of all, I cut them freely to make shapes. Secondly, I placed them randomly on 1.7 meters of linen fabric. Finally, I simply stitched the fur on top of the linen and made them into an applique fabric.


From this point is the fun part. Putting the applique fabric on the dress form, shifting and moving around and trying to see if I could get the design I like. I added some more fur as I went.

Since the fabric was a simple rectangle, I was expecting to create some kind of wrap, but I did not know how the final result would look like.


Finally, I decided the position as a wrap coat and cut  armholes. I finished all the edges neatly and attached some hooks for closure.

It is a linen wrap sleeveless coat but the little fur attachments give me warmth. So I could wear this in winter as well as other seasons.

Scraps can be useful for an interesting effect so it is a good idea to keep some of the good ones for the future use.





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