Powerful Questions About Life 1

I found some questions about life on the Internet and I wanted to answer a couple of them.

(1) At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?

I started sewing about seven years ago. My husband bought a new sewing machine for my birthday. My husband and I just moved to a new place and he thought I should have something to do for fun at the new environment.

It turned out, I like sewing very much and it has been the saviour for my sanity. I gradually wanted to design the garments I would like to wear for myself as opposed to buying commercial patterns that someone else had already designed. So I started to learn pattern making in Adelaide, South Australia. I also went overseas, participated in workshops and a summer school to learn more about the different type of techniques of designing clothes. I have done online courses and have studied books and dvds about the skills I want to achieve. I have read about the fashion designers I have really adored and admired. But fundamentally, I have taught myself with many attempts of trial and error.

One of the techniques that I love most is called “draping”. It is basically working on a dress form to create the design one desires, rather than making patterns on paper. I like the way of playing around with the fabric on the form to sculpt and create unusual effects on a garment. Draping is artistic.

While I am working with the dress form and fabric, I am not concern about everyday worries. And before I know it, I am in stillness. I usually wonder where the time goes. It made me realise in that moment, I am extremely content.

IMG_8672_Blurb-3This is me, draping on a dress form.

(2) What one piece of advice would you offer to a child?

What I would say to a child is “do what you love to do”. I did not really know this notion for a long long time. I wish my parents had told me when I was a child.

When I look back, I did the things I did not like to do. The jobs were the primary thing. I was a rebel when I was young because I did not want to be a “normal” person. But still I chose jobs I did not like. The reason was to make my mother happy. I did not do it consciously, it happened subconsciously. My mom kept telling me to get a safe job but that kept me away from pursuing my dream. I argued a lot with her about my choices and other life decisions. Unfortunately she disagreed with my desires and wishes if they were to be out of ordinary every single time.

But I now know that my mom did the best she could to protect me. When I think all about what my mom had told me during my life time in Japan, she taught me many good,  practical things in life too. So in the end, without a question, I am grateful for what she did.

In conclusion, if I have a chance to talk to children, I would tell them to find what they love to do and pursue it with their enthusiasm and passion. That will lead to happiness in their lives.

This is my flowing style of calligraphy which is called SOHSHO. It says “Do what your heart loves to do“. My red inked HANKO,which is a Japanese stamp made of wood, says my given name.

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